Obese woman to big to embark on airplane

This is a tough one to side with.  

Here we have a 400+ pound woman, that is also a leg amputee, that flew to Hungary in September.  When the woman started to feel ill her U.S. doctor summoned her back to the states.  Unfortunately, the couple could not embark on 2 different aircraft, and were asked to disembark from a 3rd flight because she might be a potential inconvenience to other passengers who needed to catch a connecting flight.   

I’m sure this is not the first time airlines have had to deal with a wheelchair bound person flying.  The couple (woman and her husband) purchased 3 seats for each flight, there have to be accommodations that can be made for this type of traveler.  

KLM was the airline that was originally supposed to transport the couple from Hungary back to the US.  KLM issued boarding passes, boarded the plane, but the seat backs were not working and the couple had to disembark.  Not sure why the couple could not have traded seats with others on the plane, but I guess that will come out in the court proceedings.  KLM passed the couple to Delta, but Delta couldn’t help.  Delta passed the couple to Lufthansa, but the pilot of the Lufthansa aircraft made the couple disembark.  The lady, back at her home in Hungary, dies of kidney failure before they could make new arrangements.  

If there is any culpability it is with the first carrier.  That surely wasn’t the only flight out of Hungary, ever.  Fix the seat or move the couple to seats with functioning chairs.  

On the contrary, if the plane is broke (lets say tail rudder doesn’t work), and a person waiting for that flight dies is that the airlines fault?  Mechanical failures happen all the time.

Likewise, the couple traveled to an from their Hungary residence three times trying to catch a flight to the U.S.; are there no doctors in Hungary?

Were the airlines informed the passenger was in “grave” health and needed to get to the U.S.?  Would that even matter?  

I said earlier that the best shot at culpability was with KLM, but the Lufthansa pilot and airline should be ashamed of themselves for loading and then forcing the couple off the plane because of inconvenience to other passengers. 

Leave KLM and Delta alone and sue Lufthansa for a breech of moral obligations.  Not likely to get anywhere, but they were the only ones to act inappropriately (at least in my opinion according to limited facts I have on this case).