About Me

This is my first blog EVER. I’m sure after a while I will get the hang of it (and hopefully a few people will get something from it).

The introduction here is I used to feel a sense of shock or bewilder when I would hear the likes of a bizarre lawsuit. But now, post 40, I believe I’m in my apathy phase. I see the dumb stuff around me, but don’t care to try to make a change to it because there is something more outrageous around the corner. This is where my blog comes in; I’m trying to postpone the descent into apathy and I’m hoping these posts will help. The posts will be mostly about lawsuits or potential suits where the circumstances surrounding the case are, what I would call, out of the ordinary. Agree or disagree, I’ll give you my reasons why I think they are crazy and I’m hoping for intelligent rebuttal


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