This should be a warning to all social media users.  Social media sites are like walking around in public.  Anyone at any time could snap a photo of you doing something embarrassing…like picking your nose.  Take, for example, the popular site .  Customers of all walks of life get their picture taken, unbeknownst to them, every day and posted on the site.  

Social media cuts out the “middle-man”.  Your are putting your self out in public with every post.  You are exposing yourself with NO protection.  

If the picture was used in an Ohio school district presentation, Ms. Chaney would have never known.  Unfortunately, the picture was recognized as a former student and someone told her.  The only reason she is suing is because she is embarrassed that she posted a bikini shot, she probably got yelled at by her parent/s, and a friend of her’s (that stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night) told her she had a case and could get money.