Mr. Bevivino starts his Virgin America flight by arguing with the flight attendants about how he should order a drink.  The airline apparently uses a touch screen order system on the seat-back in front of the passenger for the passenger to place food and drink orders on.  

After the flight attendant instructs Bevivino how to place his drink order he gets belligerent with the employee and uses profanities.  However, later in the flight Bevivino orders a meal using the method he was to use for ordering his drink.  

Finally, Bevivino uses the lavatory and defecates in the toilet, but does not flush.  Instead he comes out of the bathroom smiling and cursing at the flight attendants.  

When the flight lands Bevivino is questioned by the pilot, then the police, and the FBI about his actions on the flight. 

Bevivino is suing for 1/2 million dollars for false imprisonment and racial discrimination.  

Here is another case of how our legal system is broken.  Virgin employees have to deal with a complete A$$ and then the company gets sued.  How could he have a case?  How could we let this go to litigation?  Unfortunately it is going to court and Virgin is going to have to spend money defending itself,  Want to know where they get the money to defend their case against this guy?  You guessed it…me and you with higher ticket prices, insurance premiums, and legal representative retention fees.